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Edith’s 100th Birthday-Signal 2’s Birthday card campaign

Our day care service user, Edith Butters is celebrating her 100th birthday on the 2nd February 2018.

To mark this very momentous occasion we are planning a number of celebratory events for Edith, including a birthday party at her day care group which her favourite ex-footballer, Mike Pejic will also attend.

Since hearing this news, Signal 2 radio station have been very keen to get involved with our celebrations and give Edith a fantastic birthday gift. Radio DJ at Signal 2, Paul Fairclough and the team have come up with a campaign to ask people from all over the world to send Edith a birthday card. Paul will then hand deliver these cards to Edith when he visits her in our day opportunties group on Wednesday 31st January before the rest of the radio show is broadcast from the group.

Along with Signal 2, we are asking if you can share our Facebook and Twitter posts to spread this message as we are hoping Edith will receive cards from all over the world to read and enjoy. If you are not familiar with our social media pages, you can find us at or

Why not tweet us or tag us on Facebook and tell us where your card is coming from. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Edith100

If you would like to help this campaign, please send your cards to: Edith, Signal 2, Stoke Road, ST4 2SR 

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