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People can now sign up to join Dementia Research in just a few short moments at University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM), with the use of a newly installed ‘kiosk’.

The kiosk, which has been installed in the main atrium at Royal Stoke University Hospital to join Dementia Research and be matched with suitable research studies.


The new installation will be in place for around one month at Royal Stoke University Hospital, and reception volunteers will be on hand in the atrium throughout the day to help anyone requiring assistance when using the device. Members of the Neurodegenerative Active Partnership (NOGAP) Team will also be available at the beginning and end of each working day for information purposes.

For more information please read the full story on UHNM Website 

Yo Can Join Dementia Research - Approach Dementia Care Specialist Stoke

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