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Wonder TV are Commissioned to Create a BBC Documentary about Dementia and Need Your Help!

We have been contacted by a TV production company – Wonder TV – who have been commissioned by the BBC to make a documentary about people living with dementia.

Would you or someone you know be interested in taking part in this film?

Please pass on the poster and information below – you can either contact the company directly or you can contact Hilary at Approach and who will be able to pass on your details to the producers. You can contact Hilary on 01782 214999 or at

They would like to hear from us as soon as possible, so if you are interested please make contact before 9th August.

Here is the information from Wonder TV about the documentary:

Wonder TV ( are making a BBC documentary series painting a portrait of life with dementia and looking for people who might be interested in taking part. This observational documentary will chart the lives of people with dementia and their families over a long-term period, around 18months. We aim to capture a powerfully honest insight into what it is like for people living with Dementia and their families across Britain. What does it mean to deal with a changing brain? How do identities and relationships change as dementia progresses?

The documentary will follow up to six people and their families, each at different stages of the condition and facing a wide range of symptoms. These films will provide a unique window into the complex and layered world of people living with dementia – a new way of looking at the disease by revealing the ups and downs of everyday life and hopefully challenging any stigmas attached to it. It will be candid, playful and won’t shy away from the good or the bad bits.

We really want to show a variety of people living with dementia of different ages, backgrounds and in different stages of their life. We would particularly be interested in speaking to: younger people, people who are still in employment, people who might be carers themselves or have young children, people who might have any big goals, life events or aims in the next 18 months amongst others. However, we really are interested in speaking to as many people as possible of all ages in various stages.